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“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

– Dr. Seuss

Responsive Website Design

The increasing penetration of the smartphones in our lives signals that Responsive web design is not a trend anymore, it has become a necessity. The content must be flexible to be viewed on all the devices and platforms that users are using to access the business online. It’s important to make websites mobile optimized to ensure the page widths, layout, colors, fonts, graphics, texts, and designs get auto-adjusted from the desktop to the palm-sized mobile without any image distortion, poor resolution, or horizontal scrolling.

Giga Lagos Digitals solutions help businesses get a one-size-fits-all solution through responsive web development strategies that dynamically resize the content and eliminate the coding and management efforts for multiple interfaces.

Main Benefits

  • Unified experience across all the devices
  • Reduction in bounce rates
  • Improved visibility in search engines
Best Website developer in Nigeria - Responsive Website Design

What You’ll Get

Mobile Responsive Website

At Giga Lagos, our website design expert will build a mobile-friendly website designed to perform across all devices for you. We embark on website design project with lead conversion mind, so be rest assured that your website will generate leads or sales from customers on desktop computers or their phones.

Custom-made Website Design

We take each client through a creative process of what works, what exists and what’s best for their business to build a website that does not only reflects their brand, ethos and even generate leads but also a world-class standard because we are on the globe and we need to portray our businesses as such.

Content Management

With an understanding of the ever consistently changing website technologies, we will use, integrate and build an easy-to-use content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.) so you can confidently keep your website up-to-date without needing a technical specialist or any coding knowledge.

Website Design Process...

Understanding Your Goals

In order to build a website that helps you drive interest in your products and services. One that actually generates sales, we first need to understand your goals. The very first step of the process is an in-depth interview to establish what your goals are, how the website will be contributing to these and how to completely align that with your company.

Website Design Process

We will design and show you the visual mock-up of what your site will look like. At this point, you will have an opportunity to give feedback on any points you feel need to be changed and our team of Website UI/UX experts will work with you to address these and ensure the design is one that you absolutely love and most importantly, that will generate sales leads for you.

Building the Website

We will rapidly take the designs selected and turn them into a fully functioning website. We can help complete the written content on it as well as copy over existing content. We can do the same with any photos or visual content, copying over what you have or helping to find the right photos to complete it.

Website Project Completion

Once all of the content has been entered and the site is complete, we will go through a final testing phase, get full approval on the site and help you make it “go live” so that people can find it online. We will also provide 60 days support to ensure your website is up-to-date with the World Wide Web standard or get you set up on our Support Plan.

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