Who Should Attend This Digital Marketing Training

This digital marketing training is for Marketing / Sales Professionals, Creative Freelancers, Make-up Artist, Photographer, Restaurant Owners and Business Owners Who Want To Learn What It Takes To Attract Their Ideal Paying Customers.

Pay Per Click Advertising

You will learn how to set up and place ads on top blogs using Google Adwords Manager and target the right audience for Pay Per Click conversion.Read More »

Search Engine Marketing

You will learn how to target user on the search engine like Google, Yahoo etc with high conversion rate using search engines marketing.Read More »

Search Engine Optimization

You will learn how to optimize for search engine and rank on the 1st page of Google as a local business, e-commerce, and corporate businesses.Read More »

Web & Google Analytics

You will learn how to set up a great landing page like ours, analyze your traffic, know what is & not working, how to use that to improve your content marketing, SEO & SEM effort.Read More »

Email Marketing

You will learn how to set up from start to finish. How to avoid sending emails to spam & not bore your audience but only send the right messages for easy conversion.Read More »

Social Media Marketing

You will learn the secrets involved in using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to drive traffic and generate leads and sales for businesses.Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Who is this course for?

This course benefits various levels of skill and experience and will empower you to maximize the impact of your marketing through powerful digital tools.
  • Business owners & Entrepreneurs
  • IT Managers
  • Marketing Executives, Managers, Senior Management
  • Anyone responsible for developing and/or implementing a digital marketing strategy for their organization
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career in digital marketing
  • Marketing Students & Freshers

What Will I Learn from This Digital Marketing Training?

  • Increase your website’s visibility through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising using Google AdWords Platform
  • Execute display & social media advert campaigns
  • Capture, segment and manage email subscribers so you know how to plan and execute a successful email marketing campaign
  • Use suitable social media channels for different business goals and objectives
  • Measure and optimize your social media campaigns
  • Leverage mobile marketing for its micro-targeting advantages
  • Analyze and optimize your overall digital marketing activity
  • Create a formal digital marketing plan for your business
  • Strive for innovation in the organization & disrupt the market before you are disrupted

Will I Get Any Certificate After taking this Training?

This training is designed for professionals who want to gain practical knowledge & hands-on experience to fuel the growth of their career or business. Upon completing the training you would be provided with the following certifications:
  1. Giga Lagos Digitals Academy: Certification of completion of Professional Certification in Digital Marketing
    1. Criteria: 70% Attendance in Class
  2. Google AdWords: Exam based certification programs – AdWords Certified Professional: One needs to pass the AdWords Fundamental Exam and any one of the advanced exams to earn this certificate:
    1. AdWords Fundamentals
    2. Search Advertising
    3. Display Advertising
    4. Video Advertising
    5. Shopping Advertising
  3. Google Analytics: Exam based certification programs – Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam covers basic and advanced Google Analytics concepts.
  4. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification: It covers segments to digital marketing on how to attract visitors, convert customers and delighting customers to convert them into promoters of business.
  5. Facebook: Exam based certification programs:
    1. Facebook Certified Planning Professional: This credential is awarded to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in planning successful Facebook advertising campaigns.
    2. Facebook Certified Buying Professional: This credential is awarded to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in creating and buying Facebook advertising for maximum campaign impact.
  6. ​Twitter: Earn a #Twitter Graduate badge, after you complete all online courses and take an assessment at the end of the course.
*These exams are administered by Google, Facebook, Twitter & HubSpot. We do not guarantee this certification as a part of the training. The AdWords certification exams are designed to test your knowledge of online advertising best practices and AdWords. Although we provide with the necessary resources and knowledge to pass the exam, getting the certification depends on each candidate’s individual ability and preparation.

What Topics Are Covered in This Training

All aspects of digital marketing are included in this training. From the course goal and objective, you will see that this professional digital marketing training includes the following modules and more:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC, AdWords)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Display Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • And so much more