12 Cardinal Rules of Choosing & Using Hashtag BE SENSITIVE: Perhaps the greatest crime of Kenneth Cole’s post was the insensitivity per ignorance displayed. Same with the campaign team for President Goodluck Jonathan who came up with the hashtag: #bringbackjonathan. They were trying to key into the world wide campaign #bringbackourgirls. People, worldwide, found this…

ROI Social Media

Calculating ROI

Calculating Social Media Marketing ROI: The Goals   Some weeks back I wrote about the process of calculating the ROI of Social Media Marketing. I noted that an important part of this process is setting goals. Truth be told, setting goals may be the hardest part of measuring ROI.However, it is most likely the important.…

E-book on Digital PR and Corporate Communications

Digital PR

Online Reputation Management: What to Do When Trouble Comes   An excerpt from the e-book The Rules of PR and Corporate Communications in the Digital Age. Download complete E-book for free   WHEN TO RING THE ALARM. A key part of online reputation wisdom is to know when a poten- ial crisis is brewing. I…

Zero Moment of Truth in Nigeria

Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing: How Nigerian Brands Can Win at the Zero Moment of Truth.   Years back, A.GLafley (CEO, P& G) spoke about two moments of truth- the first moment of truth and the second moment of truth. The first moment of truth is the moment of purchase. | It’s that moment when a consumer is…